Become a Consultant

Can I become a blockchain consultant?

You can register yourself as a consultant if you have good knowledge and experience with blockchain. We have 3 different levels of consultants – Blockchain Enthusiasts, Blockchain Experts, and Blockchain Professionals.

Blockchain Enthusiasts
If you have been closely monitoring the industry and have adequate knowledge regarding the technology and the industry.

Blockchain Experts
If you have been involved with blockchain projects and have adequate knowledge and experience regarding the technology and the industry to help startups.

Blockchain Professionals
If you have been involved in projects as a core team member or adviser and have adequate knowledge and experience helping companies integrate and implement the technology.

What do I have to do to register myself as a consultant?

We register consultants on our platform through 3 simple steps.

1. Submit the form below
2. Complete the relevant examination (we will send you the link)
3. 1 hour test consultation via Skype/Whatsapp

Why should I register as a consultant on Blockchain Talker?

We receive numerous consultation requests on a daily basis. By registering on our platform as a consultant, you are likely to get matched with those in need of consultation services efficiently without the need to promote your services.

How are payments made?

Payments are made in advance by clients to us. Your earnings are sent automatically once the consultation service ends. Please note that we take 20% as commission fees on all consultation services.