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Politicians From The Opposition Request More Feedback on Luxembourg’s E-Govt Blockchain PlanPoliticians From The Opposition Request More Feedback on Luxembourg’s E-Govt Blockchain Plan

The government of Luxembourg has started the plans for the so-called e-government recently and, according to the local Luxembourg Times, the opposition of the country is considerably concerned about this new initiative and is demanding specific explanations on this initiative.

According to the reports, the plan is focused on implementing the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in the administration of the government.

Marc Hansen, the Minister for Digitalization of the country, has affirmed that one of the emphases of the project will be on improving how data is stored and transmitted using the blockchain technology. According to him, this could considerably improve several aspects of governmentality.

Laurent Mosar, a prominent member of the opposition party, the Christian Democrats, has decided to ask the current Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, to more specifics on this plan, however.

For instance, he wanted to know more about the people and companies of the private sector which would help the government to develop this strategy and what areas of the public sector would be benefited by all the technological advancement that will be brought by the use of this new technology. He also asked about the timeframe of the project and the deadlines.

According to the critique, the e-government project will use the blockchain and AI but it does not explain very well how it will do it and there is no information about the budget of the project at all at this time.

In related news, the local government has decided to pass a law which will facilitate the usage of the blockchain technology in the country this year and give a more legal basis for the companies of the area. It looks like the government of Luxembourg is ready to make some advancements.

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Published on: 2019-05-25 13:02:00

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