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PundiX XPOS Becomes First Blockchain-Built Point of Sale Smart Device with the CE Certification

The XPOS has finally successfully passed the CE tests, which is referred to as the Conformite Europeene, and from this, they have received the certification that has been issued by the Timco Engineering.

Timco Engineering has been established as a certified testing facility that is used for the FCC and the IC that is based in the United States.

A significant step that the company has achieved

The company has been able to attain an essential level that will be used towards the proceeding of the commercial shipments within Europe.

With the CE certification, it verifies that the company devices have been designed in a manner that is compliant with the current EU requirements, which have been considered to be essential if you are looking into entering the European Economic Area.

This is in the markets such as electromagnetic compatibility, wireless, safety, health, and the environmental protection standards.

The certification includes the following; GPRS, GSM, HSUPA, WCDMA, HSDPA, FPD-LTE Band (this is for 1,2,7,8,28,38 and 40), the SRD (this is for 5.8G), Wi-Fi for both the 2.4G and the 5G, Bluetooth, and the NFC. But this is not all as it also includes compliance with safety requirements.

With the CE certification, the company will be able to help the various importers and the distributors within the market to ensure that the XPOS that they place comply with the current set requirements. Additionally, be able to scale up their shipments within the markets.

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Published on: 2019-04-16 10:11:00

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