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Kyber Network’s Integration Finalizes with Blockchain-Driven DEX Brokerage for On-Chain Liquidity

DEX Brokerage was created with the intention of offering trading services for ERC20 tokens and Ether. The plan of the company is to eventually offer tokenized assets that are representations of stocks, bonds, and similar financial instruments, with the option of using completely decentralized protocols.

With support for limit and market orders, along with gas-free cancels and multiple orders, the company chose to integrate an on-chain liquidity protocol named Kyber Network. According to reports by Crypto Ninjas, the integration has been finalized as of April 11th.

The team wanted to create a platform that was easy for any type of trader to access and apply. However, the biggest issue standing in the way was liquidity. By bringing in the Kyber Network protocol, the team will have the support that they need.

The reserves with Kyber specifically represent decentralized liquidity, made up of the liquidity providers that are already connected with the ecosystem’s stakeholders. These stakeholders include anyone that is working to create more reserves for trading.

CEO of DEX Brokerage, Alex George, said that the path to a solution for liquidity has continually “been a part of our dense roadmap.” He expressed gratitude toward the Kyber Network for the contributions that they are making, which will be “a key factor for us to grow out platform.” It also helps the company to serve their customer in the best way possible.

George has experience with software and systems engineering and finance, though his present goal is to change the way that stocks and bonds are used in financial transactions, specifically focusing on crypto assets.

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Published on: 2019-04-14 07:47:00

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