Oracle’s quest to make blockchain disappear completely

At its annual San Francisco OpenWorld conference last week, Oracle announced it would soon be launching four supply chain use case focused blockchain applications. And it won’t be stopping there. 

“This is a starting point. This is scratching the surface,” executive vice president, of Oracle Cloud Platform Amit Zavery told CIO Australia.

“We’re just starting off with service we knew were in demand and interesting but I would it expect in every industry and vertical,” he said.

Zavery indicated Oracle would next be developing blockchain apps for finance and healthcare, with other sector specific use cases thereafter.

“I would think financial services, we’re already working with quite a few customers but they also do a lot of custom development as well, so we’ll do some packaged applications but also some with the consortiums there,” he said.

“I would expect in healthcare for sure, again there’s a lot of patient data and supplier data, [and] they want to use blockchain as a way to share and store and make sure privacy concerns are met,” Zavery added.

The longer term aim however is not to attach the blockchain label to everything, but rather make it disappear completely.

Anywhere it makes sense

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Published on: 2018-10-29 21:15:07

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