Women Naturally Embrace Blockchain, Equality, and Trust

Women should participate more in the development and evolution of the blockchain technology to offer diversity in perspective.

Ann Cuisia

Women in blockchain are creating their own paths in the distributed ledger technology as they are more inclined to adopt technologies that promote equal opportunities and inclusive growth.

At the recent launch of the Women in Blockchain in Manila, Ann Cuisia, CEO and founder of TraXion Tech, said, more importantly, women by nature, are more nurturing and caring, making it easy for them to embrace the new technology that upholds transparency, equality, and trust. And this is more important since blockchain, also by nature, is really designed for the poor and underserved, she said.

“Once you have women in the core teams of these projects, you have a diversity of perspectives, and every time there’s diversity in perspective in every business, you really have much more creative solutions to all these problems,” Cuisia said in an interview with Cryptovest when asked why is it important for women to be involved in blockchain.

TraXion Tech is a blockchain-focused transaction management provider created to provide service to a large segment of the underserved and poor sectors. In August, the company launched its electronic wallet in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao to allow farmers to receive their salaries securely.

According to Cuisia, Traxion also aims to create awareness of blockchain’s impact in building a livelihood and connecting the unbanked sector with the developing digital economy.

At the launch of the Women in Blockchain which was attended by marketing and technology executives as well as entrepreneurs, she said the organization also wants to raise women participation in the blockchain.

Prior to the launch, several small events had been organized by various groups, with volunteers sharing their experience and thought leadership to anyone interested in blockchain.

She added, “It’s really a group of volunteers who envision there are more women participating and learning more about the space considering it’s at its very early stage yet. So it’s a good time to participate to deliberately ensure that there are diversity and inclusion at the onset.”

A recent report by the McKinsey Global Research Institute cited the importance of promoting women equality because of their potential in boosting economic growth.

The report said, “Advancing women’s equality in the countries of Asia Pacific could add $4.5 trillion to their collective GDP annually in 2025, a 12 percent increase over a business-as-usual GDP trajectory. This additional GDP would be equivalent to adding an economy the combined size of Germany and Austria each year.”

According to Cuisia, as with the rise of internet technology, it started with a small group of mostly male enthusiasts before gaining widespread adoption. She said Women in Blockchain wants to participate in the evolving technology on its onset.

Published on: 2018-10-29 10:13:04

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