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Hello! Welcome to Blockchain Talker. I have created this community to help connect Blockchain enthusiasts and experts around the world. Let’s network, research, and learn together about this innovative technology.

Leon SongFounder


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Common Discussions


Discuss about the ongoing issues related to Blockchain Scalability and what projects are doing to tackle this issue.

Centralized & Decentralized Exchanges

Discuss issues regarding existing centralized and decentralized exchanges and how atomic swap could help bolster the overall trading experience.

Security & Vulnerability

Discuss about the ongoing security and vulnerability issues regarding smart contracts and how it needs to evolve to prevent dynamically changing hacking methods.


Objectively discuss the commerciality behind projects and evaluate the actual value of their assets.

Types of Blockchain

Discuss about the types of different blockchains and help advise and consult companies looking to integrate the technology.


Discuss everything related to mining, return on investments (ROIs) and how 51% attacks have impacted the mining industry.

Device Optimization

Discuss about how everyday devices could integrate blockchain technology with IOT and how we should optimize our devices to adapt to the rapidly evolving technology.

Memes & Jokes

Share the latest memes and jokes related to the industry & have a good laugh with fellow enthusiasts!

Local Groups

Join us as a registered community member & operate your local group as the community leader.

  • Arrange local meetups
  • Form a clan with local BT members
  • Get sponsored by projects

Build Smart Porfolios

Save time on researching and evaluating blockchain projects. Become a smart investor in no time.

  • Unleash the power of collective intelligence
  • Save time and research effectively
  • Exchange ideas and discuss about trending issues

Focus Allocation

What we will focus on
Blockchain Talker will focus on the following:
  • Build Online Communities
  • Host Regular Webinars with Project Developers
  • Help Form Local Communities & Meetups
  • Host a Global Community Conference


BT Plans

Community Building

October 2018

Inaugural Webinar

November 2018

Form Local Groups

December 2018

Attract Sponsors

December 2018

Official Memberships

January 2019

Inaugural 1-day Live Panel

January 2019

Inaugural Conference

April 2019
October 2018

Community Building

Aggressive online community building to form initial members as well as establish the core team to help manage & moderate active discussions

November 2018

Inaugural Webinar

Invite project developers and form pro-bono working relationships to help kick-start industry discussions.

December 2018

Form Local Groups

Form local groups and elect community leaders to host regular community meetups within local areas.

December 2018

Attract Sponsors

Attract sponsors to help host local community meetups and foster discussions regarding the project.

January 2019

Official Memberships

Join as official members & partners of various Blockchain related groups and alliances.

January 2019

Inaugural 1-day Live Panel

1-day live panel will be hosted on a monthly basis where various experts and project developers are invited to discuss and speak online. This event continues for 24 hours with each individual discussing/speaking for no more than 2 hours. The event will be streamed live, recorded, and published on YouTube for community members all around the world to enjoy.

April 2019

Inaugural Conference

Conferences will be held annually where all community members are invited to join the conference to learn more about various Blockchain projects & network with fellow community members. Conference to be held in Gold Coast, Australia.

Blog Updates


Blockchain Talker community members will enjoy exclusive airdrop campaigns hosted by the core team & sponsors.




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